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Joseph & Lindi Griffith

Float Shreveport Griffith family

During a trip to Israel we both floated in the Dead Sea and loved the experience and the way our skin and body felt afterwards. After returning home, we wished there was a way to re-live the experience without having to fly half-way across the world. As we discovered and learned more about flotation therapy we realized there actually was a way to bring the Dead Sea to Shreveport. We spent two years researching, traveling across the country floating, and planning details of how we could bring this therapeutic practice to our hometown. Now, we are thrilled to see our dreams coming to life and are so excited to provide this service to the citizens of Shreveport.

We are both life-long residents of Shreveport, LA and we are both passionate about health and wellness, and all-natural means of pain relief and therapy. Joseph spent many years as a personal trainer and has always loved helping people live a healthy lifestyle. We are also both actively involved in our church as worship pastors. We love hanging out with friends and family, cooking, traveling and spending time with our daughters, Shiloh and Eden.

Lindi's Story

My husband, Joseph comes in one day and says, "Hey, honey let's try this thing called flotation therapy! You float naked inside a dark, silent pool for an hour and it's supposed to be amazing!"


To be honest, that didn't sound amazing at all. 

But he was determined to try it and I wasn't too excited about sitting in the lobby waiting for him for an hour so I said, "What the heck, I'll try it."


After 60 minutes effortlessly floating in salt saturated, skin temperature water I felt like I had just awoken from the best sleep of my life. My body was relaxed and rejuvenated, my mind was refreshed and I was hooked. How could an hour doing nothing but floating make me feel so good?

Since then I have floated many times and I'm always surprised at how refreshed I feel exiting the float pool. What they say about the experience getting better and better the more you float is certainly true.

In 2016 we had a dream to bring this amazing therapy to our hometown of Shreveport, LA and we are so excited to finally see it becoming a reality. Whether you are a seasoned floater or a little skeptical like I was, come see us and let us show you the life-changing benefits of flotation therapy.

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