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The entire volume of the float pool cycles through the powerful UV & micron filtration system a minimum of 3 times before every float. By comparison the standard for public pool sanitation is a 1 x water turnover every 6 hours! All the while the float solution is inhospitable to every known pathogen from the pool and spa industry. 


Rooms are thoroughly cleaned between each guest. Fresh towels, earplugs, and bottled water are provided for each guest and all touchable surfaces, such as grab bars and door handles, are sanitized. Each float suite is also equipped with an exhaust fan to ventilate the rooms between guests.


No more than 2 guests are scheduled for floats at the same time, greatly limiting your interaction with any other guests. In addition, no more than 2 staff members are present at any given time. Seats in our waiting area are spaced 6 feet apart and hand sanitizer is available in our lobby.


We offer contactless payment through our website. Book your session and pay online before you arrive!

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